The Elms Red Hot Wind 


Sunset Acres Radio Flyer


 Ruff as he is known is an incredible jack. We obtained him from Braying Hills in 2011.  He has continued to produce quality foals. He has sired Lucky Star from Donkey Ridge, OEF Champion Donkey 2013. Ruff is notorious for throwing foals with garters. He is a gentleman and an easy keeper. Radio Flyer is closed to the Donkey Hollow herd. 



Harralson Donkey Hollow Herd Sires

Harrralson Donkey Hollow takes pride in building a conformationally correct herd.  These jacks are the reason we are able to do this!

Cloud Peak Buster Blue


AKA Poppy is a nice spotted jack. He is 33 1/2 inches tall. He has sired many  nice spotted foals for us.

Poppy belongs to my grandson Hunter therefore he will not leave the farm. We continue to use Poppy as a Herd Sire.

​We have not shown him, we decided to keep him on the farm.


 ​CbarChass Buster. Dam Gardners Rosanne, Sire Cloud Peak Buster Blue.  Buster has a vivid spot pattern. He is a Hollow born jack. We are awaiting arrival of foals from Buster in the 2017 season.  Buster has taken 2 of 3 firsts in the show ring including an ACOSA Champion Jack at the Ozark Empire Fair Springfield, MO.  2017 Buster has taken Reserve Champion at KDD.  He placed 1st in ACOSA jacks as well as 4 year old Jacks in Hamilton Texas.  Buster placed 4th at the NMDA Nationals in Shelbyville TN.  Buster placed 2nd at Missouri State Fair.